Universities in Ireland

Republic of Ireland

Northern Ireland

Twelve Tips for Students

  • Don't panic if you don't understand the accent, you will soon
  • Learn how to cook at least five dishes before you leave Singapore
  • Find the nearest Asian supermarket once you arrive
  • Tidy your room in the morning, no one else will
  • Buy your warm clothing in Ireland, they know what 'cold' really means
  • Bring a rice cooker, they're better than the ones you'll get in Ireland
  • Take holidays in Ireland to know where you're living
  • Take part in local events to know the people
  • Learn to drive, it's your best chance
  • Make lots of friends, they'll be your family
  • Sort your laundry before you go to the laundromat
  • Find out why you need to sort laundry

Studying in Ireland

The first thing you need to know is that Ireland is one island but two countries. The Republic of Ireland consists of 26 counties, mostly in the south. The capital is Dublin and the currency is the Euro.

Northern Ireland is six counties in the north of Ireland and is part of the United Kingdom, although it has its own Legislative Assembly in the capital, Belfast. The currency is Sterling.

Maynooth University

Republic of Ireland: If you visit the websites of the respective universities you will find most of what you need to know, particularly the current prospectus for undergraduate and postgraduate courses. Look for links to overseas or international students for information on entry requirements, fees and accommodation costs.

If in doubt or you can't find what you're looking for go to the site map or search for the Admissions Office. An email will generally be answered in a few days. Remember, Singapore is +8 hours ahead of Ireland and the UK (+7 hours in summer time).

The Irish Universities Medical Consortium offers the opportunity for interviews in Singapore for prospective students of medicine and dentistry applying to the four medical universities. Their website also has general information on student life and studying in Ireland.

The Embassy of Ireland in Singapore has useful general information on moving to Ireland. Although not specifically aimed at students intending to study at tertiary-level institutions, it will give you an idea of the country and how the education and health systems work.

For queries regarding student visas The Irish Naturalisation and Immigration Service website has comprehensive information. If you have further questions you can contact the Embassy of Ireland in Singapore.

Queen's University, Belfast
Queen's University, Belfast

Northern Ireland: The universities in Northern Ireland use the Universities and Colleges Application Service (UCAS) the same as the rest of the UK. It's worth checking out the living costs between various university towns and cities as they can vary enormously. Belfast has the lowest cost of living for students in 2014-2015.

The British Council in Singapore provides comprehensive information on all aspects of studying in Britain and Northern Ireland. It also holds pre-departure briefings for students accepted into UK universities.

Travelling to Ireland: Singapore Airlines has a good package for students going to the UK and Ireland to study which includes a 30kg luggage allowance. Flights go to London Heathrow or Manchester. However, you'll need to take a second flight to Dublin, Belfast or Cork. Etihad Airlines has direct flights to Dublin with special fares for students. Bulky sports equipment and musical instruments are usually charged at a flat rate rather than taking up part of your luggage allowance. It's worth comparing prices and special offers before you book.